Good Night/Good Morning

RDAD Cover



I am a night owl who lives on the West Coast of North America, so by the time I am going to sleep many of my internet friends are just about to wake up. I started posting a “Good night/Good morning” image as I went to bed to greet people as they were waking up. That’s pretty much how things feel to me now as the author as I’m now handing off The Shattered Ones to the readers. Just as I’m heading to bed, everyone else is waking up.

It’s kind of lonely sending a book out into the world. By the time people have discovered and started loving it, I’m no longer involved. When I was discovering everything about the world and then revising it, it was just me and the publication team. Now that it’s out in the world, Release Day is like attending its graduation party knowing that it has already left home. It’s a little bittersweet, but I’m deeply proud.

I wrote a little bit for Fireside about how The Shattered Ones came to be, including a never before seen scene that started it all. It’s set many years in the future so there are spoilers for all three books, but if you’re curious, give it a read. You can see how the books took shape from a few offhand comments in a fun drabble story I never intended to use for anything.

I also made a Spotify Playlist of songs that have meaning for the series, at least in my mind. I’m writing up a bit more about it, so look for that in the future. I think a lot of the songs are pretty self-explanatory as they appear in the stories or are otherwise general 80’s songs. It’s the outlier songs I figure I should probably explain why I picked to listen to the entire time I worked on these books.

These three books finish the story arc, but are not the end of the world or these characters. I have a lot more I can write. These books now belong to you, the readers. If you enjoy them please tell other people. If you have a favorite side-character you want to see more of in the future it doesn’t hurt to drop me a note (just saying!). It also doesn’t hurt to tell Fireside you want more of The Shattered Ones.

Thank you. Yes you. Enjoy these books. They’re yours.