The gods of package delivery caused a completely bizarre but good for YOU snafu. You see, I’ve ended up with an extra T-shirt that I’m free to give away. Being that I ordered one for myself because I was thinking it’d be funny to wear to the Finding Home: Community in Apocalyptic Worlds reading… as I now have two stories about tardigrade-unicorns. So in honor of my story “Unicorn Chaser” I’m going to give away the T-shirt along with some random goodies.

How do you enter?

  • Comment on this entry, send me a message on Twitter (@grumpymartian) or email me  (minervazimmerman at gmail dot com) or give me some other means of communication I can use to get back in touch with you between now and Midnight Sunday January 15 PST
  • The comment/message/email MUST mention something about unicorns or tardigrades

What can you win? 

  • The t-shirt is as you see above, a black babydoll style size XL. I normally wear a M or so but prefer the larger size in the babydoll style myself. If you are a manly man… you could use it to pretend you’re a cable news reporter on location and thus a member of the tiny black t-shirt brigade. The random goodies are random and will likely be strange, but in a good way.

Who can enter?

  • Anyone. I will mail it worldwide, though the content of the random items will be slightly less weird if I have to fill out a customs form.

How will the winner be chosen?

  • I will compile all of the valid entries and assign them a number and use a random number generator to pick a number of the grand prize winner! I will then contact the winner to get an address.

Wait what… Unicorns and Tardigrades? Yes. If you’re confused you can listen to my story Muffin Everlasting in a podcast from Timid Pirate Publishing:

“It was surreal, even for me, to watch a sparkly unicorn the size of a kitten wobble its way across the incubator on little pearly hooves. The incubator automatically monitored the unicorn’s vital signs so my team and I knew what tweaks to make in the next series of prototypes when this one ultimately malfunctioned. The unicorn flicked its ears and opened its mouth. It had no teeth. I watched as the unicorn’s tongue extended into a pastel pink proboscis and probed the air of the incubator. Knowing the guys over in marketing, they’d just play up the product’s safety: ‘Synergy Creatures Mini- Unicorn has no teeth to bite little fingers.’ ” 


One thought on “FABULOUS PRIZES!

  1. Despite the fact that I’ve collected unicorns from a young age, I have no unicorn T-shirts. Especially not unicorn T-shirts that might, in fact, tell me where unicorn bacon comes from. (They serve unicorn bacon at the AFK.) So yeah, sign me up! 🙂

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