Museum Mishap Monday: Ghost Examiners Pt 1

Ok, well I apparently mentally lost days last week and forgot to post an entry, so instead I’ll put up multiple entries this week covering Mishaps #7 and #8

Ghost Examiners: Museum Edition

The “ghost” box squealed. Minerva rolled her eyes. Sh wished her boss hadn’t agreed to these TV shenanigans.

“Did you hear that?” one of the “examiners” said to his equally well-groomed and tight t-shirted companion.

“That’s the fire signal,” Minerva muttered. “It proceeds messages from the fire dispatcher. You’ve got your CB between channels.”

The men ignored her. They’d edit her out of the footage later but she’d done her best to make it as difficult as possible to cut her out. Filming was only allowed with her supervision.

A producer came over. “Hi, I don’t suppose you can help me find an extension cord we can use?”

Minerva sighed. They didn’t really need an extension cord, they just wanted her not screwing up the audio for as long as possible.

“I feel a chill,” said one of the ghost hunters.

“You’re standing under the air conditioner vent,” Minerva shot over her shoulder. She showed the producer into the utility closet and its staircase leading into the basement workshop. “The extension cords are kept in here.”

“Wow,” said the producer. “Creepy. Can we film in here?”

“No. Public areas only.” Minerva pulled an extension cord down off the wall.

“What about still photographs?”


The producer peered down the steps. “Where does this go anyway?”

“Exhibits workshop and the freezer where we keep the bodies.” Minerva held back a grin as the producer’s eyes widened.


“Yeah, taxidermic specimens. The cold kills insect activity.” The producer’s eyes lit up and Minerva immediately regretted telling him this bit of information. “No. You can’t film my freezer.”  She blocked off the stairs with her body and urged him back out toward the filming.

One of the Examiners was talking into a camera. “Now we’re headed down into the underground area where the jail once was.”

“We call it the basement,” Minerva offered loudly enough to be picked up on the Examiner’s lapel mic.


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