Incredibly Short Voyage


The mold spore happily made mycotoxin. It was a very successful mold. There was plenty of food for to digest and the air was quite moist. It enjoyed its existence growing on the side of this cardboard box in this warm, damp space. 

One day a bright light shone down like fiery death and something moved the mold spore’s world. The box moved and the spore swayed on its filament. Suddenly, the box dropped sharply against the floor. The spore’s filament snapped and the spore went sailing into the air. It rose and fell with the air disturbance from the falling box. Suddenly a sharp current caught the spore and propelled it into warm darkness.  


Minerva sneezed and wiped her hands on her pants. “Ew, mold.” She went looking for a dust mask as she reached into her pockets for her inhaler.