“Cobalt City: Double Feature” Book Launch

My life is a series of hilarious orchestrated disasters. At least they look like orchestrated once I get enough distance and look back with hindsight and better humor. I can now say that the best way to survive the lead up to a book launch is to adopt a puppy and spend every waking moment potty training and keeping her from eating the furniture. It is hard to panic with a puppy sleeping on your foot.




Packed to the brim with superhero adventures of magic and technology, Cobalt City Double Features brings you two exciting novella length stories written by some of Cobalt’s favorite authors! Your recommended blockbuster reading for Summer 2012.

The Place Between by Minerva Zimmerman (“Muffin Everlasting” and “Apples and Arrows”) breathes life into the world of the Norse Gods. In 1975, Cole Washington returned home from the U.S. Army bearing the mantle of Thor. Taking the name Midnight Thunder, he waged war against Loki for the soul of the West Key neighborhood, if not all of Cobalt City, for over a decade. Now it’s 2012, and it’s time for the title of Thor to be passed to his daughter Tera as she forges her own identity as Tempest. But this time, the battle lines are not so clear. And Lucky, one of the aspects of Loki, might be her best chance of surviving her trials.

Eye for an Eye by Erik Scott de Bie (Shadowbane, “Vengeance on the Layover”) shakes up the happy family life of Cobalt City’s brightest star, Stardust. Injured, on the run, and without a friend in the world, Lady Vengeance returns to Cobalt City. Stardust can’t be sure which is more dangerous—the murderous vigilante chasing her, the dark secret which grants Lady Vengeance her powers, or the threat this dangerously sexy bad-girl poses to his family life. Is it a team-up or a free-for-all? And is Cobalt City big enough to contain the sheer firepower all sides are willing to unleash to assure victory?

Oh, oops, woke up the puppy… I better snuggle her until she goes back to sleep.

While I do that, you can read an excerptbuy all three direct from the publisher, purchase your choice of Nook (B&N doesn’t have it up yet) or Kindle.