Three Freezers Full



Three Freezers? Uhm… yes.

We live in a reasonably remote rural area and have not only a large house, but a detached garage with wood storage and a barn. One of our first major household purchases was a chest freezer so we could store seasonal berries and stock up on frozen items from outside our geographic area. Then one day Aaron bought a used fridge with an ice-maker cause he wanted to swap it in for the fridge we had. I was originally against this idea but then he convinced me because he’d have it delivered and the old fridge picked up. So… due to complicated reasons I don’t remember, the old fridge wasn’t cleaned out when the new one arrived. So it was decided the easiest thing was to pay $20 for a pickup of the fridge the next week. And… then we never did. So yes, I started 2014 with three stocked freezers.

So, when I decided we were only buying fresh fruit and veggies until we’d made a significant dent in the stores, it wasn’t terribly hard to start with. Then as we started eating through things it became sort of a personal challenge to see what I could still make. Eventually we got down to one inside freezer and a half-full chest freezer (I do still have a turkey carcass that’s 4 years old I need to do something with, but at this point I might as well save it for evil).  About two weeks after this point, the fridge with the ice-maker died in an unscheduled defrost puddle of doom. (And no, we haven’t moved it yet or called someone to come get it. And we can’t just take it out to the barn to use it as a storage cupboard for cans of paint, poison, etc. because there’s already a dead one out there with an anarchy symbol spray-painted on it that came with the house.)

So, it turned out to be serendipitous that I had already whittled down the fridge and freezer food down to one fridge worth. Almost like I was eerily prepared for things to go terribly wrong…