40 Bags in 40 days: Post Mortem

Actual number of bags removed within the 40 days: 48

Additional bags removed the day after Easter: 21

Work related recycle and junk disposed of: 2 truck loads

Actual rooms dealt completely sorted= 2 (that would be the laundry room and bathroom) 😦

So, yes, I achieved my goal but I don’t feel particularly accomplished. There’s still A LOT of clutter and sorting that needs to be done. The vast majority of what I got rid of was recycle and trash, not clutter. I’d guess the actual amount of removed non-trash clutter at more like 10 bags. I haven’t even started on the stuff we just store upstairs.

I think I need to keep this up until I feel that I’ve gone over the whole household once. If I’m going to be reasonable, I should probably think that will probably take more than 40 days. Let’s give myself 60 additional days to continue working on this. I’ll just mark it on my writing calendar with round stickers for each bag or equivalent. I’ll give myself a little wiggle room and start the new cleaning binge on May 1 and end it on June 30.

THE GREAT PURGE: To be continued…