And now for a random rant about eyelashes


Why is it when a character is described as having really long eyelashes it is always described by the viewer rather than the wearer of the eyelashes. It’s pretty rare that I notice someone’s eyelashes one way or another unless they have unusual makeup on them or unusual lash coloring. However, as someone who has lived her whole life with really long natural lashes, I notice my own all the time.

I have light brown hair and while my lashes are mostly in the brown-black mascara range the last quarter inch or so is much lighter from dark blonde to translucent white. Wearing any color of mascara adds about 1/3rd again of the length I have without it. Long natural lashes mean not only are my top lashes long but so are the ones on my bottom eyelids.  This doesn’t matter much to how I do my makeup (I just ignore them for the most part), but it does mean that my lower lashes are capable of getting twisted or curled INTO my eye. This means my lower lashes can drag against my eyeball when I blink and I am constantly rubbing or pulling at them to stop the sensation when it occurs.  This is very unpleasant and very difficult to fix without a mirror.  It is also possible for my upper and lower lashes to get tangled together causing discomfort and trouble opening the eye. Not often, but more than never.

Just an odd bit of lived experience to point out that even small physical details can give a character different experiences.