Blog Hiatus

A snap dragon impossibly growing out of my parents' driveway wall.
A snap dragon impossibly growing out of my parents’ driveway wall.

So, I’ve had and have a lot of future travel in my current sphere of things. Sadly this has eaten up all of my pre-written blog material and now when something comes up I don’t have anything stashed to cover for it. I have a lot of material planned, but not executed. So what I’m going to do is put the blog on hiatus for a few weeks.

I will return on or before Monday July 7th. This will give me some time to write up a bunch of things, take pictures and oh, I don’t know… maybe edit some of my entries prior to publication. I just feel if I scramble to get stuff out there with as crazy as I know things will be in the next few weeks I won’t be doing myself or anyone else any favors.

If you’re in the Seattle Area, I will be at Wayward Coffeehouse on June 20th from 8-10pm doing a reading from my story FAMILY TIDES from Broken Eye Books BY FAERIE LIGHT (Volume 2 if you buy it on Kindle or in the print edition of both volumes). Come see me and Shanna Germain, Erik Scott de Bie, Lillian Cohen-Moore, Nathan Crowder, and Jennifer Brozek LIVE IN PERSON!!!

Hope to see you there! If not, I’ll see you in July.