Fountain Pen Friday: Pilot Prera

Doods. This is my absolutely favorite pen. Aaron bought it for my birthday a year or two back and I really adore it. I don’t have a picture of it without ink because it was half-full when I went to write this entry.

Pilot Prera Clear Light Blue with items for scale

I don’t really feel comfortable carrying it with me all the time because I’d be absolutely heart-broken if I lost it.


It’s a lovely clear pen with clear blue accents, chrome, and an opaque pen cap inner sheath so errant drips of ink don’t muck up the look of the pen.

Pen in hand with cap on the back
Pen in hand with cap on the back

It’s really well balanced and is neither heavy nor light.


Pen in hand without cap.
Pen in hand without cap.

You can get one yourself in fine, medium or calligraphy nibs at Jet Pens or Goulet Pens

Write write writing along
Write write writing along

There’s something about this pen that just fits really nicely with my hand.


The Good

  • variety of nib options and color accents
  • firm snap-on cap – doesn’t dry out
  • nice smooth round grip
  • feels good to use

The Bad

  • can collect ink in the cap (though I personally haven’t had this problem)
  • requires a proprietary cartridge and converter
  • a little expensive for every-day carry

Overall grade: A

I really love this pen and use it all the time.