Update – I am a talented klutz

Well, it finally happened. I broke a cell phone. I put a bottle of coke in my purse that wasn’t quite fastened and that purse turned out to be water-resistant enough on the inside to send all of the contents swimming. This has put a major crimp on my ability to take terrible pictures of pens and things to update the blog because I had 4 weeks of pictures on my phone. I should hopefully be getting a refurb replacement in the next couple days and I endeavor to figure out what pictures I lost and replace them.

The same day I broke my phone I also managed to flush a piece of our steam cleaner which required a plumber to clear from the toilet. I am REALLY talented. I just wish I was as talented at writing stuff.

One thought on “Update – I am a talented klutz

  1. Our similar level of being Special Flowers is one of the reasons we’re friends 🙂

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