Fountain Pen Friday: Pilot Kaküno



So one of my Uwajimaya purchases was the Pilot Kaküno because it was so cute I couldn’t pass it up. Yes, I know it’s supposed to be for children… but when has that stopped me on anything?




Here’s what the pen comes with, pen, cap, and a black Pilot cartridge. It has directions for a converter but one is not included.


I can’t read Japanese but some of you can, so here’s the directions. Hmm, well I’m not a fan of writing in black ink… let’s see what colors of Pilot cartridges I bought… Ooo Pink!


Oooooooooh yeaaaaaaaah.

IMG_20141204_204939_299 (1)

Guys… guys… this pen is adorable. IT HAS A WINKY FACE NIB.



I gather the reason is so you know you’re holding the pen right if you can see the face when you are writing? I mean I’m talented, but I’m pretty sure I could still hold this pen wrong in a way that shows the face… but I don’t care! IT IS ADORABUBBLE!


Ooops I got so excited about the winky face I forgot to show you an item for scale. Here you go… nailpolish.


You could use this with the cap posted but I never will. I mean it’s fine… just not my thing. The cap is also the same octangular shape as the pen body so it won’t roll away off the table while you’re not using it. HANDY!

IMG_20141204_205031_093The pen body and the grip are both kind of octagonal. The grip however is much smaller around and while it is faceted it isn’t as uncomfortable as the triangle grips can be. Though it encourages proper grip you don’t HAVE to.



Note to self: you have terrible handwriting wearing a wrist brace and are still crap at drawing ponies.

The Good

  • comes in fine and medium nibs in a variety of color styles
  • plastic
  • can use a Pilot converter
  • writes nice

The Bad

  • hard slightly unusual grip
  • proprietary cartridge

Overall grade: B+