Welcome to 2015 Let’s Get Organized

I’m not a resolutions kind of person. I do like arbitrary starts though. 2015 is a big year for me because of as of yet still sekrit projects that will be coming out during the year. I’m in the weird position of needing to plan a while bunch of things and schedule my time much longer into the future than I normally do. I’ve gotten a lot more organized and in control of my various things in the last four months or so due to HabitRPG. It’s basically a to-do app that is set up like a RPG with super cute 8 bit style graphics. Apparently I won’t do things I know I should do just to do them, but if you give me gold and exp I am ALL OVER IT. Make it so I can collect pets and there are multiple colors of said pets? I AM SUPER MEGA ON IT! I worry about my brain, but this is really working for me. I can’t really game and be productive any other way so I’m kind of hardcore about it.

Anyway, this has taught me that I am better off getting ahead of the game and just doing the maintenance to keep it up. So I’m trying to get ahead of stuff this year before I get behind the curve. To help me with this I asked for people’s favorite solutions on Twitter and here’s what people suggested:

@andrhia – suggested Franklin Planner systems and reading Getting Things Done

@zanylikethat  really likes Todoist

@hottestsingles suggests Trello

@outseide likes using The Pomodoro Technique 

@melissadominic lives by her Bullet Journal (this is a pen and paper technique super useful if you already use a paper journal)

@andicbuchanan also likes HabitRPG, DayZero for longterm goals, MS Project for really complex projects, Evernote for organizing information, Mindmeister for mind mapping, and is playing with Raise the Bar for habits.

@nisamcp uses Day One and Evernote


I already use Evernote and Habit RPG, I’m poking at the Bullet Journal technique and there’s some aspects of Trello that really appeal to my brain.

What works for you?