Self-Study Project Short Stories 2014

Rating System


  • * = has potential but has technical, cultural, or voice problems.
  • ** = Good story that didn’t quite live up to potential or could have used light revisions
  • *** = Good story, I see it as publishable quality even if it didn’t work for me.
  • **** = Great story, does some really neat things
  • ***** = I would nominate/vote for this story. Excellent quality, builds a full world, drags you into it for the full duration of the story and leaves fingernail marks on your soul.


Total stories read in 2014 = 504

NO STARS = 1 (I will never willingly read a story by this author again and will likely avoid places they are published)

*: 7

**: 54

***: 293 (I enjoyed many at this level greatly and disliked some of them on a personal level)

****: 146 (With a few exceptions I enjoyed these stories as well as felt an emotional reaction)

*****:  3 (I felt changed for having read these stories)