No Twitter – Day 4


I spent today working outside planting flowers and reclaiming the front garden. We’ve let the blackberries and weeds get the better of us and I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me. Aaron fixed the lawnmower and mowed the whole yard. We’re tired, sore, and feel happily productive. So pizza and drinks, and watching the Trail Blazers is on the menu for this evening.

Last Night I managed to have an ink-tastrophe. I started writing notecards to people and got all fancy using a dip pen and… managed to tip over a whole bottle of purple ink. I managed to clean most of it up but I ended up with quite a bit on me.


Luckily LAVA soap is damn near magical at getting such things out of skin. Someone remind me not to start using a dip pen at 11pm on the top level of my desk. It will only end in a purple curtain of swearing.

Neat links of the day: