No Twitter – Day 6

A list of things that scare me (in no particular order):

  • being unable to save my loved ones
  • being taken advantage of intellectually without catching on
  • everyone agreeing with my inner critic
  • that something I know to be really evil/dangerous seems innocent and harmless to everyone else and I can’t get them to listen and so I am forced to watch as it destroys them
  • that I have somehow misplaced my pants in public
  • having a viscous and sticky substance on my hands that I cannot get off
  • being forced to choose between saving a single loved one when two or more are in peril
  • watching the deterioration of a loved one in a body they no longer control
  • losing my mind
  • caring for my aging parents
  • being trapped in any way
  • tight spaces
  • that everyone will suddenly forget me
  • losing the use of my hands (and with beginning osteoarthritis this is a big one)
  • losing language, being unable to speak or write
  • losing my sense of self
  • that I will die before I write the stories in my head
  • that I will forget important memories of people who are no longer here
  • that I will outlive all of my loved ones
  • knowing that someday my dogs will die before me
  • that my actions will cause someone I love to suffer or die horribly
  • that my body will betray me and breakdown before my mind does
  • that being happy means I can’t write/create and these two things can never coexist in my life.


Sesame Street: Game of Chairs – it’s pretty much exactly what you think it is and even better than you imagine

Polish Parody of Furious 7 Trailer – I would watch the hell out of this if it existed

10,000 foot freefall GoPro footage – so much tumbling it doesn’t even look the way we think of falling.

Snowmobiler trapped in avalanche and then rescued GoPro footage – This bothered me way worse than the one above.

The Worst Things People Have Done in The Sims  – Dating Death was my favorite out of this list

War Camel Skeleton Found in Austria (not Australia as the URL suggests… urls need copyediting too people!)