No Twitter – Day… what day is it? 8? Day 8.


Nobody likes me, everybody hates me. Might as well go eat woooooorms!

Day 8. The loneliness has set in. I’m starting to feel isolated and disconnected from people. This is the first day since I started that I don’t really WANT to blog. I think it’s just a bad day. My hands have been hurting pretty bad the past few days (probably osteoarthritis) and I turn into a petulant dirt-kicker when I have a health thing I can’t just ignore. I intellectually know that it is just an off day cause I had such a productive weekend and eventually there has to be a down, but emotionally I just think everything sucks and maybe it will suck forever and what am I doing here? This is not my beautiful house. This is not my beautiful wife. So forth etc.

I really appreciate the people who have been reaching out and sending email or chatting with me about nothing in particular. I decided to write a list of things that make me happy today and I stared at a blank page for several minutes before googling the phrase to jumpstart my brain on what makes it happy. So, that’s disconcerting. I’m plenty happy, it’s just my brain came up blank from that prompt so I’m clearly not thinking as much about being happy when I am and identifying what it is that puts me there.

Today’s Links (Weird, Wonderful things that make me happy unironically):