No Twitter – Day 13


A little over 15 years ago ICQ malfunctioned during a group chat and left Aaron and I only able to see each other’s chat and not the whole group. A month later he flew up to Seattle and accused me of only being after his kidney to sell on the black market. Six months later I moved to San Diego to be with him, and exactly 12 years ago we got married.

I keep meaning to fill the bathtub full of ice for our anniversary and say I’m finally collecting that kidney… but we only have a spa tub and that would take a REALLY large amount of ice to fill, and I’m not really $60 of ice dedicated to the joke. Also I’ve been informed that the kidney anniversary isn’t until later in the marriage. Of course by that point it seems like I’d be buying a kidney on the black market FOR him rather than trying to sell one of his… but whatever. Tradition is important.

Anyway, I think he’s aces and I’m glad he’s on this life journey thing with me.


6 word SF stories

nanowire lasers 

Water on mars? 

Mass whale beaching sign of another earthquake? 

Historical Society gets anonymous letter with original act creating the society.

Not aliens. Someone didn’t wait for microwave to ding near telescope.   (WAIT FOR THE DING PEOPLE!!)

This newt is such a badass we sent it into space. (also apparently newts gestated in space have messed up heads or no heads at all…)

Acetaminophen possibly dulls emotions  ( O_O ) (insert joke here about Apathyaminophen)

The brain’s sarcasm center.