TOO MANY LINKS – Tuesday Edition

Smiley Faces help kids make better food choices. – I also want smiley faces and tangible rewards for making good decisions. I mean, basically they are gamifying eating… WHICH I COULD TOTALLY BE AWESOME AT. I totally want a sticker every time I pick water or ice tea instead of soda. *scuffs*

Remote controlled cargo ship spinning in space. 

Editing Mitochondria in Mice – This technique requires genetic material from both parents plus a second female without the mitochondrial information they wish to prevent in the offspring. There are a lot of really important uses for this potential technology but it also opens the door for non-hereditary disease edits.

Surgical robots can be hijacked or hacked. – Uh. Uhhhhhh. Holy crap.

I want a Titan I missile silo. Do you think we can crowdfund this for a writer retreat location?

VR representations of dead loved ones. – Yeah, so uhm we’ve talked about this in SF for a long time (myself included) and it’s getting eerily close to reality. I wonder if it could be a useful form of grief therapy or if it would be counter-productive for most people.

Spotify points out the age people start listening to new music again. – They claim this is indication of a mid-life crisis. I’m guessing it is just as likely to be the age they have kids old enough to claim they aren’t cool anymore. ALSO! isn’t it kind of creepy they are keeping this kind of track of your listening habits…

Santa wouldn’t brought her a saw instead of a barbie now she makes modular dollhouse kits. – This is pretty cool, but I know that I would have broken this set really fast as a kid. It’s a bit like a dollhouse version of Capsela (remember those?! They were awesome… and much harder to break than flat components)

Breaking the speed of light? – Looking forward to updates on this in the future. The reporting here seems a bit dodgy and using “warp drive” seems like a very specific word choice I don’t think the experiment really lives up to, but hopefully we’ll see more reports about it soon.

Is the universe a hologram? – I love this sort of thing even if it melts my brain and I just end up smiling and nodding a lot and/or feeling a little chemically altered without any actual chemicals. “Whoa man… like whoa. What if… what if the door is a jar? I mean, whoooa.”

New Dinosaur – AND IT IS ADORABLE OMG WHEN CAN I GET A PLUSHIE?!!!! I mean, you CAN hug a fossil but it really isn’t very satisfying.

Flying Squirrel sightings in San Bernardino National Forest area, Wanted. – I put this here for the few active hikers I know roughly in that general area.

Talking About Race – A conversation about how to try not to make things worse, what you can do, and a little of what not to do. Nowhere near comprehensive or exhaustive, but a good read to point people at.

Graphene Displays might bring us 3D displays. – *quivers*