Too Many Links – Wednesday

Archaeologists find Liquid Mercury – This is cool and also A Really Bad Day For Excavators who suddenly had to go look up how to deal with mercury. Surprise Mercury = Bad Day.

Probe depleted of propellant takes its last pictures of Mercury – The planet. Neat for us. Sad for probe.

New Saudi King changes line of succession

Fonts – This article relates to what to use on resumes

Sunken ships visible under Lake Michigan due to cold winter

inactive FM radio already in your smart phone? – Hmm interesting.  /ponders uses for fiction

Police pull over Delorean -snerk

Carcinogenic toxin found during turkey plague 

William Gibson on ignorance of technology keeping a work from becoming dated. 

How one doctor uses data to help people. 

Source of Antarctica’s “Bleeding Glacier” found. – whoa neat! Bacteria does funky stuff. Also there’s a bunch about under glacier salty water that the scientists are more fascinated with in this article, which is neat but I’m sort of fixated on the BRIGHT RED BACTERIA.

Indication that the source of several neurological diseases may be in the gut not the brain. – I think we’re going to eventually find a lot of diseases are more gut-related than we currently think.

An Animated Interview With Ray Bradbury: “You Can’t Think A Story”