Well, I managed to fail all week at posting. That was not my intent. However, I spent a lot of time talking with people one on one rather than crafting posts. I do not regret making that choice at all, even if I wish I’d managed a few more posts. Maintaining my relationships with people is much more important than open broadcasting. I’m more worried about all of the other stuff I didn’t get done in addition to not blogging. I’m behind where I want to be on several things and I need to try and do as much as I can to catch up.

I’m currently watch a pair of crows try to chase off a pair of ravens while the grackles “help”. The ravens don’t seem overly worried by the constant dive bombing and harassment and just calmly go around collecting nesting supplies and food. The ravens will occasionally twist talons up and force the crows to pull off their dives but otherwise don’t seem to be super bothered. If anything I think they are taunting the crows a bit. Not sure why I mention this.

Anyway, this week did not go according to plan, but what does? All I can do is accept it didn’t and sort out what I need to do, what I can do, and implement. I’ve worked out a lot of stuff in my head this week even if I wasn’t as actively productive as I wanted to be. I have successfully changed my diet and improved a lot of my daily habits. No one really expected me to be perfect with everything forever, including me. So time to suck it up, buttercup, and go forward. It isn’t going to do anyone any good to worry about it. It was just a bad week. Those happen. So what?

I give myself permission to move forward and be awesome.


Artist who crochets animal skeletons. And her work for sale.

You are pooing wrong. 

OLED giant screen that sticks with magnets. – I wrote OLED on surfaces everywhere in  COPPER and I so want them everywhere already.

JPL creating search tools for Deep Web

Date for oldest stone tools pushed back due to wrong turn – and I assume no one wanting to get back in the car when they stopped for a break so they agreed to do a survey.

Why your healthy immune system doesn’t destroy you. 

Cephalopods can see through their skin.

What happens after you die. – this should probably be directly under why your immune system doesn’t destroy you article cause it talks about the breakdown of the things holding our gut biomes out of our other cells and breaking down our bodies after death.

Some of you may need things at this store. via @MortuaryReport

The best new veggie recipe I’ve made this week. 

time lapse of bee being “born” 

Nintendo hires Bowser as new VP of Sales – Snort.

Amputee writes about reaction to Mad Max: Fury Road. 

Wendy Wagner talks about learning your process. – Know yourself. Do what works. If it stops working, stop doing it and try something else. Super important and we all need reminding from time to time.

Cool new technology and how it is being used in museums – This is one of those tech things forever out of financial reach for smaller institutions like I work for, but I still think it is pretty awesome. I particularly like visitors being able to curate a collection of things from their visit. That’s also information the museum can use in future exhibit and design decisions cause they’ll know how many people collected particular things during their visits.


“9 Things I wish people knew about anxiety” – very important read. Someone you know has an anxiety disorder and this can help you be less of an inadvertent asshole to them. #7 and #9  are particularly important.

“Ginga” New Daniel José Older Story on