I’m baaaaaaaack

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Hey guys, long time no blog. So yeah, apparently I can’t do intensive edits and blog at the same time. Your mileage may vary but it doesn’t seem to be my wheelhouse of abilities.

Anyway, I’ve turned in my edits and now I’m working on new words. I’ve got about 25k I need to create and shape into a legit draft by the end of the month or… ULTIMATE COSMIC DOOM happens. Well, not really, but it would really screw up a lot of things. I swear this will all make a lot more sense in a couple days.

You know the giant impending news I keep hinting at? Well it kept getting pushed back for various reasons (all good!) and it is finally really actually going to be announced this week. Then you’ll finally know what I’ve been busy working on.

I’m super excited and a little terrified. Ok A LOT terrified. I don’t do well with good stress. Bad stress is easier to deal with because it is generally more actionable. There are steps I can take to mitigate bad things. It is a lot harder to mitigate anticipation of a very exciting and positive thing. I end up having the following sorts of conversations with myself:

“Wow this is really amazing.”

“Yes, but it really isn’t THAT amazing.”

“It’s kind of a big deal.”
“Don’t get cocky. If we let the full ramifications of this sink in we will be in gastrointestinal distress for the next week.”

“Right. Right. It isn’t THAT big of a deal. Just a total natural progression of events and there’s no reason to get excited.”

“Oh no.”


“Just for an instant I allowed myself to think of potential futures spread out in front of us stretching to infinity… I feel it. I feel the cosmos.”

“I feel sick.”

So, yes, that, or variations of it since July 2014. What is going to seem very sudden has been quietly in the works for a full year and took pretty much most of my adult life before that.

Watch this space.

Coming Soon.

Very Soon.

No Really.

I mean it.