Way Way Way WAY too many Links

Clearing out my stash of articles I’ve been saving and not posting so if there are any duplicates from earlier I apologize. Yes, many of these are months old. But you might have missed them! Also I needed to clear out my email where I’d been storing them.

Unconscious Library an homage to things forgotten

THE LOST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF JAVIER GRILLO-MARXUACH – The initial writing of LOST (very interesting reading for writers of all kinds)

David Nickle’s horror novel Eutopia confronts the racial overtones of Lovecraftian fiction head on (no fiction is ever written in a vacuum and we’re better off exploring those aspects of the works that inspire us and others rather than pretending the vacuum is true. This book sounds fascinating because of its exploration.)

Another Word: Free Advice from a Full-Time Author. Worth Every Penny Paid by WESLEY CHU

The Giant Robots That Serve the World’s Largest Library Archives

Traumatic Brain Injury in Domestic Violence Victims (Trigger Warning for Domestic Violence and its effects)

Laurie Penny talks about determining difference between outrage, and justified rage of the marginalized. (Lots of good stuff but by no means perfect or meant to be. I know I am thinking more about this. It becomes harder and harder to signal boost the very real and necessary rage to promote societal change and healing without feeding the outrage machine of the privileged and perpetuating a cycle of harm. All I can really do is try to do better with my own actions. I will still screw up, but I can accept that, and do better in the future.)

An Article about Leeches (so I can find it later)

An article with good reminders about how we all screw up and how to admit it and make amends. 

Flexible Circuit Injected Into Living Brains

Google Cardboard as Gateway Drug to VR 

Hey did you know someone wrote an amusing article about T-Rex Sex? I probably already sent you this article if you’re on my IM list when I first saw it. I was torturing EVERYONE with this. Though I’m still annoyed at all these weird fakey autopsy shows they keep putting on TV. At least this one was about an animal that actually existed at some point? The Dragon Autopsy had me throwing things at the TV.

Yes I saw this thing about appearing gnome statues. 

Sex Pistols Credit Card (YES REALLY)

Student Proves Earth Surrounded by Plasma Rings

Fossilized Dinosaur Claw has preserved structures that look like blood cells. 

This just makes me want to paint glow in the dark eyes on statues everywhere. 

Interesting interview with AI specialist Stuart Russell (from April, if you follow this sort of thing you’ve probably already read it, seriously I haven’t posted one of these link wrapups in WAY TOO LONG)

Article about agency based out of Russia dealing in commercialized coordinated disinformation campaigns (paid trolls) There’s probably a lot more of this going on for a variety of reasons in all sorts of places. I’d imagine there’s a lot of marketing stuff both positive and negative being done for various products. You can see this already in product reviews on online retailers… clearly not all of those reviews are from actual customers.


Graves on the Island of Pirates

Oldest Sperm Fossil Found In Antarctica