Too Many Links

A bunch of cool things I’ve found and bothered to save the links for now listed here for your clicking pleasure and for me to find later when I’m like “What was that thing again?”


Writers on the pain of hindsight in publishing

In search of a more nuanced discussion on women and gender in SFF

Chuck Wendig – Welcome to the midpoint of your novel

Delilah S. Dawson – 25 Hacks from a Hack Writer – This was a particularly good post IMO

Halsted M. Bernard: Critiques, Counts, and Quests: Motivational Tools for Writers

Ryan Macklin – How Destiny Made Me Rethink Setting Details

Kameron Hurley – I was never in this for the parties

Brandon Sanderson Lectures

2016 Tools For Writers – a color-changing word count spreadsheet,  submission tree, goals, career bingo. Super handy and easy to modify to your own needs


Swedish Cinnamon Star Bread – holy cow look how pretty this is and not hard!

Sima – a Finnish fermented lemonade-ish drink

Baked Red Cabbage

Tahini Cookies

Chocolate Granola

Chocolate Caramel Tart


Tardigrades have DNA from outside sources – omg neat

Cancer cells can’t proliferate and invade at the same time

Where do Seattle area crows go at night

New fingerprint powders can show fingerprints on ivory for up to a month

Pollution cleaning water-walking robot

What outer space does to your body

Plague is still alive and well in the American West


The first Best of 2015 Short Stories lists I ound – I know I am using this to see what good stuff I have missed and need to make my own list soon. Please send me your lists if and when you make them.


1998 profile of Mr. Rogers – Fair Warning this will punch you in the feels.

Chewbacca comic – Also a feels punch. Also spoilers for Star Wars: The Force Awakens


Crochet Mesh Bag Pattern

NYC Library uploaded 20o,000 public domain images

Traffic Camera Catches Snowy Owl in Flight

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Creepy Skull Landscapes

NASA posts huge library of free-to-use space sounds. !!!!!