Are you aware you stopped dying at U?

Well, yes. There are reasons for this– some good, some pretty dumb. The main one was I went from “how am I going to die this week” to “I… really don’t want to kill myself even fictionally right now,” which I think is a pretty good reason not to write something like that. If you ever find yourself arguing “Well, I really SHOULD kill myself off” it’s probably not a good thing, no matter the context. The other was when I erased my fictional self and broke the 4th wall, I felt like it was a good place to change what I was doing. No matter what I did I couldn’t really bring my fictional self back in the next episode, but I wasn’t quite sure what I should do instead. Once I figured it out, I was in the middle of a major deadline push and didn’t have the energy to do anything about it. I then pushed past burnout and got dangerously close to burn up.

For the months of November and December I’m taking a break from writing deadlines and doing stuff that helps me recharge. A little writing vacation. I’m playing video games (something I never do when I have writing projects), working through my to-read stack, cleaning the house (holy crap, deadlines sure breed dust bunnies), and getting around to stuff I haven’t done. *clears away cobwebs off this blog* Which writing here happens to be one of. I’m not going to claim to write here on any schedule (we all know that isn’t going to happen) but I do have several things about writing and research I’ve been meaning to post. Eventually I will even write the conclusion to Museum Mishaps where Intern Tilly goes in search of the now entirely missing Minerva.

I also have some other fiction I want to post, but I haven’t decided if a blog entry or a downloadable pdf would be best for. Any thoughts?

To sum up: Contrary to what it might appear, I did not actually really real die.