A Clarification Re: Boobs

Earlier today, I tweeted this. This actually garnered some comments about my “boobist” thinking.

I just want to set the record straight.

Boobs are awesome. They can be a pain (literally) to tote around one’s self, but I am firmly (perhaps jiggly?) in the pro-boob camp.

My complaint has to do with bad science and boredom. I am not suggesting we take out all boobs in games. I’d love to see more variety of boobs in games, sexualized male characters, and gender-neutral characters in games. I think sexy has its time and place, and I have no wish to do away with it. I am not a fan of games where stuff is done TO female characters rather than BY them, so I don’t play them. Likewise, if someone makes a sexy male vampire who gets nearly naked every time he transforms and the camera lovingly pans across his muscular thighs, I am not going to force brodudes to play it at gunpoint.

Much the way that most gamers want realistic physics in their games, I tend to want realistic biology even in mythical or alien species. There is a biological reason for boobs. That biology doesn’t make them less awesome, but there’s world-logic to them. If you break the world-logic by giving an avian species breasts, I want an in-game reason for it. Does that species undergo body modification for fun or profit because the universe is human-centric? That’s an interesting reason for non-mammalian species to have breasts.  There is a whole gigantic non-human world of species out there to draw upon for ideas.To simply make “breasts” the default for “female” is boring, not to mention LAZY game design.



One thought on “A Clarification Re: Boobs

  1. Articulately stated, Minerva. I, too, am pro-boob (of the mammary variety, not people who act like boobs,) but the idea that you can just tack them onto any object – and I do mean object – in order to classify it as “sexy” is a load of crap

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