Winter Roundup



Considering I haven’t been writing here, I thought I’d mention some of the writing stuff that’s recently come out or been posted elsewhere.

The most recent of which is Beast Within 3: Oceans Unleashed an anthology of aquatic were-animal stories. My story “Beneath Feathers and Fur” is about a were-penguin in a bad position and her were-otter rescuer who has problems of his own.

I wrote an article “There Are No Starship Captains” for Booklife Now about writing characters with experiences unlike your own.

Erik Scott de Bie and I were interviewed about our Cobalt City novellas at Lillian Cohen-Moore’s Blog

Speaking of Cobalt City: Double Feature, it came out on Nook as well as Kindle. In addition to the interview, I also talked about the editing process at Jennifer Brozek’s blog and about writing tricksters at Alma Alexander’s.  Timid Pirate Publishing has an Interview with Me, an article about Writing A God, and editor Caroline Dombrowski talking about how my story made her laugh so hard she got kicked out of a coffee shop.

And partially to make up for how I haven’t been writing here and partially as a winter holiday present I’ve put my story Death in a Lifetime up for you to read free.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday season and get to spend time with the people you love.