My friend & writer, Wendy Sparrow does Watchlist Wednesday where she posts a list of the things she has searched for relating to her writing for the week. I joked that I should post a similar one but not differentiate between work (museum related queries) and writing related ones and see if people can tell them apart. The following is actually a mix of those PLUS personal searches from what I found in my browser history. You tell me if you can tell the difference. 

english colonial girls baby names

55,000,000km to miles

steampunk goblet

cup bell and book

putting a research station on mars

atmosphere of mars

indian american names

names meaning twins

spooky mouse ears

feed a goat?

enhanced driver’s license 

dolph lundgren

best thumb taping ever

how to write author bio

spindle of ship

writing horse

latin for spinach

Flaius Josephus

bloodhound gang

parts of the hand

flat mollusk

one-shelled mollusk

flat limpet

One thought on “Searches

  1. I LOOKED UP DOLPH LUNDGREN TOO! Someone we have in common on Twitter I think tossed out the name in a tweet and I was like *nod nod nod* while Googling. LOL. We rock. I’ve looked up bell, book, and candle in relation to the occult before. I think you’re right…I don’t know that I could guess which is which–other than I suspect the mars stuff is writing related.

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