Terrible at Self-Promotion

I should have posted this last week, but somehow (procrastination, discombobulation, & feeling ill) I didn’t manage. The anthology WINTER WELL which contains my story COPPER was given a starred review in Publisher’s Weekly and they describe COPPER as:

a fast-paced procedural that opens with a humorous hook before taking a turn for high-stakes seriousness.

Which is a better one-sentence description than I could EVER manage. Read the whole review, it’s short and does a good job of explaining not only my story but the anthology as a whole. It is a super fantastic anthology and I really enjoyed ALL the stories. It is exactly the kind of genre fiction I WANT to read and I’m so happy that Crossed Genres exist and continue to publish great fiction. 

2 thoughts on “Terrible at Self-Promotion

  1. I got Winter Well as part of the Crossed Genre kickstarter, but only just got around to reading it. I just finished reading your story and I wanted to say that I really enjoyed it. Great characters, great pacing, fun handling of network/security tech extrapolation.

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