Music and Writing: How I use Pandora Radio

Everyone uses music differently in their writing. Some can’t deal with lyrics while they write. I used to work for a music-related .com company where we did a lot of music data entry in a big open space filled with workstations. So we all got pretty used to making our own little bubbles of space with music and headphones. I use music to help me focus in general.

Since I do use music throughout my day, I try to make Pandora Radio stations that embody the mood or theme of the story I’m currently working on. That way I can seed ideas in my head throughout the day while I’m working.

How do you use music while writing?

One thought on “Music and Writing: How I use Pandora Radio

  1. I like the idea of using Pandora to foster ideas. I tend to throw cds I know in the player. New cds, if they’re not instrumental, tend to distract me.

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