Fountain Pen Friday #3

Did I mention that I absolutely love cheap colorful pens? How about how I have really tiny hands? Well, this week’s pen is both!

Purple Petit1 with pink ink cartridge and White Petit1 with green cartridge. Quarters added for scale.

The Pilot Petit1 Mini Fountain Pen is cheap in the best possible ways. Seriously, it is like a comfortable dive bar of pens. Normally I try to give a couple different buy links but for this one you really should buy it from Jet Pens where it is less than $4. YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT. And you know what else? The refills? Less than $2 for three of them.

closed pen next to open pen with cap on back.
closed pen next to open pen with cap on back.

I have two of these pens cause I mean, zomg… so cheap, so handy, so portable. I keep one of these in my purse all the time and it is totally not a big deal. Not only does it not leak, but it also keeps writing even if you haven’t used it in a really long time. Seriously, my cat used the white pen for a hockey puck last night and it was totally fine. No leaks and just the tip needed wiping off. 


I wrote an entire novella with that purple one. It is absolutely the perfect size to just clip to the the elastic band of a Moleskine notebook and go.

cap on the back
cap on the back

So let’s assume you don’t have freakishly small hands like me. I mean, I could be a hand model for value menu burgers. That’s how small they are. WELL NEVER FEAR NORMAL SIZED HUMANOID– just stick the cap on the back and it is pretty close to a normal pen length in the hand.


Now if you are a mini-humanoid hand size, the pen without the cap is a very comfortable length and very light. I can write with this pen for a really really long time without fatigue. I like that.




Writing sample in pink and green. Sharpie in aqua, G-2 gel pen in green at very bottom.
Writing sample in pink and green. Sharpie in aqua, G-2 gel pen in green at very bottom.

And the cartridges come in these tubes that are about the same size as a pen so they fit in pencil cases and pen cases/pen pockets TOTALLY PERFECT.



Also, the cartridges themselves look like tiny little mad scientist test tubes! I may cackle a bit maniacally to myself as I put them in… *coff*

green cartridge
green cartridge. Subtle nail polish this week is Beyond Opal

The Good

  • Lightweight.
  • compact
  • round grip
  • secure snap on cap for traveling. Have never had a leak.
  • Cheap
  • writes nice.
  • writes FAST
  • smart packaging for cartridges
  • cute cartridges for evil geniuses (also good color selection)

The Bad

  • hard grip
  • proprietary cartridge

Overall grade: A

Cheap. Fast. My go-to travel pen. Buy two, they’re small. If you are looking for a fancy writing experience this won’t work. If you are looking for a functional pen for slap dash writing, you can’t beat it.

2 thoughts on “Fountain Pen Friday #3

  1. This is going to sound crazy, but I have some cartridges for those if you want me to send them.
    (I warned you about the crazy.)
    I saw Brian’s tweet about your fountain pen blogging (because I am procrastinating by fake-plotting a kidnapping on Twitter) and clicked it (because I am addicted to pens in a crazy pants way) and my first thought was: THOSE ARE THE PENS I HAVE REFILLS FOR!
    I tried one of the pens once, but I don’t have tiny enough hands and they wrote too thick (I like the fine Platinum Preppy pens better, but that’s irrelevant–can you tell I get excited about pens?) so I gave the pens to a friend who promptly lost them. Except, I couldn’t find the refills when I gave them to her, so they’re still in my drawer. I don’t want to throw them out. They’re still sealed in their little tube, unopened. I know of NO ONE else with these pens.
    So, do you want them? You have a PO Box or someplace I could send them?
    (I hate throwing out things that are still good.)
    nelizadrew at gmail dot com

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