Museum Mishap Monday: X Marks The Spot

The phone on Minerva’s desk rang. She picked it up. “Hello?”

“Hey, another light burned out in the gallery. Can you bring one of the replacement bulbs down?” asked her boss.

“Sure, no problem. Be right down.”

Minerva hung up the phone and walked around the large cabinet that the back made one wall of her desk area, blocking her off from the rest of the workroom. She opened the middle cupboard and rummaged around looking for the box of replacement light bulbs for the gallery lights. She pulled out the box labeled “bulbs” and noticed another strange box behind it. She crouched down and realized it was a machine of some kind, its switch switched to on.

“Huh,” said Minerva. She set the bulbs on the table behind her and grabbed the large box-like machine. It didn’t move. She sighed, grabbed the bulbs and ran them downstairs. When she returned, she wiggled at the box, still unable to pull it out of the cupboard. It was stuck fast, its metal stand somehow stuck against the painted wooden shelf. Probably had rubber non-skid pads that had chemically reacted with the paint.

Minerva got a flashlight and peered around the device, finally finding an accession number on the side: 91.348.1

She found the ledger book for items donated between 1987-1998 and looked up the item: