Standing Desk Trial

Enough of my friends have been trying or espousing the standing desk, that I decided to give it a shot. I had some spacing crates I’d been using to boost up some bins in my laundry room, so I just grabbed those to stack on my existing desk to boost my monitor and keyboard to standing level. I mean I’m curious, but not buying new furniture curious.

I’ve been using my Macguyvered standing desk for about a week now. I really like it. More than I thought I would. It seems to improve not only my chronic back pain, but my daily activity level. I wear a fitbit and my step count has gone up at least 1-2k depending on how long I’m working at it.

I haven’t had great luck at doing really focused work for long periods of time while standing, but I find the majority of what I do in front of the computer isn’t very focused. I do my fiction drafting longhand, so I’m usually talking to people or doing research. And if I need to focus on the computer I can take my laptop elsewhere.

I’ve got a tall stool I can rest my feet on or lean against for rests, but I don’t really find myself sitting on it. More importantly, I have a good gel anti-fatigue mat to stand on. I stole it from my kitchen, but I don’t think the kitchen is getting it back. I’ve also decided I prefer shoes on to shoes off mostly because they distribute my weight across more of the gel mat.

Still trying out various keyboard and mouse positioning since nothing seems to be perfect that way yet. So far so good, though I miss having more desk real estate to put stuff on. I’ll try to update in a few weeks to see how things continue to evolve.

Do you or have you used a standing desk? How does/did it work for you?