Pen and Ink Sketch Fountain Pen

Spoiler Alert – I hate this pen.


I genuinely thought I’d thrown this pen away. It’s by Pen and Ink, who happen to make my favorite small notebooks. Good Notebooks. Do not recommend the pens.


pen without cap
pen without cap

I haven’t used this pen very much and you can see the damage. This is by far the cheapest feeling pen I own.


it comes with a “suede wrap” that… I guess you’re supposed to wrap around the pen at all times so it doesn’t come in contact with life lest it get all scratched and dinged up?

the chrome is peeling off
the chrome is peeling off
another shot of the peeling metal accent
another shot of the peeling metal accent
Detail of ridge right by nib
Detail of ridge right by nib

This is also the WORST designed pen I own. There is a raised ridge right at the end of the pen where you grip… or at least I do… IT HURTS TO WRITE WITH. The ridge digs into your fingers and makes the act of using it a horrible experience.


It’s a fine size, but it comes apart easily, feels cheap and extremely light for its size. I know I know, I normally really LIKE light pens, but this one is just… I mean even the disposable Pilot pens feel sturdier than this thing.  It feels flimsy.


The nib is nothing to write home about either. It feels scratchy and uneven against the paper. It has the textural feel of the sound of fingernails on a blackboard.

The Good

  • It comes with a piece of leather?
  • standard cartridge
  • comes with converter

The Bad

  • flimsy and cheap feeling
  • terrible writing experience
  • easily damaged
  • stupid ridge in gripping section of pen

Overall Grade: F – There are a ton of cheaper pens that are better made and nicer to use than this one.