Bourbon Pen

My friend Brian sent me this pen because it combines fountain pens and bourbon, two of my favorite things. You can get your own at and you should totally click on that link and go drool over all of their pretty pretty pens.



Doods, it is a wood pen with chrome accents that is made out of the wood of a bourbon barrel. In fact it comes with a certificate of authenticity and chunk of barrel wood cut into a pen rest that smells deliciously of bourbon. What, no I don’t just sit here and sniff it sometimes. That’d be crazy…



This pen is impressive looking. I was worried that it was going to be too big for my small hands, but then I took the cap off and the actual part you hold is a very nice width.

pen posted on the back
pen posted on the back

The back of the pen has threading so you can screw the cap securely on the back, which is handy for those of you who like to do that. I’m personally not a fan, but this pen is very nicely balanced with or without the cap on the back.


This is probably the fanciest pen I own and I feel kind of badass when I use it.

pen in the hand without cap
pen in the hand without cap

It really isn’t as big as you think it might be and the grip is really nice, plus the wood feels amazing against your hand between the thumb and forefinger.

pen in hand with cap on back.
pen in hand with cap on back.

It’s a little long with the cap posted, but not bad. Remember my hands are TINY. I should become a hand model for value meal burgers or something.

Pen Test. I totally had to use the whiskey-scented ink to christen it.
Pen Test. I totally had to use the whisky-scented ink to christen it.

The Good

  • Gorgeous
  • nice smooth grip
  • comes with converter
  • standard cartridges
  • writes nice
  • well-made
  • wood
  • comes with a bourbon barrel pen rest wood chunk

The Bad

  • it’s too nice for traveling
  • a little heavy

Overall Grade: A

This is one of my nicest pens and absolutely the fanciest pen I own. I really like touching it and using it. Plus the pen rest smells amazing. I generally store this pen on its rest in a place of honor on my desk. It looks cool even when it’s not being used.