Pentel Pulaman JM20 Disposable




So, you can probably guess that I bought a bunch of cheap fountain pens I didn’t already own. I am doing this blog feature just about weekly so if I was buying all the expensive pens I’d probably already be broke and destitute. I bought The Pentel Pulaman strictly off the price and a “huh, that’s weird” glance at the nib.

It is a very unique pen. I’m just not sure it’s really a fountain pen.

the pen "nib"
the pen “nib”

I’m looking forward to running this pen dry because I am dying to take it apart without covering my house in red ink. It has a plastic delta-wing shaped tip that appears to have a core running through it that feeds the ink. Honestly, it reminds me most of a Papermate Flair pen. It writes like a Flair pen, and with certain motions it makes a fine splatter of ink on the page as I loop a letter or shift the tip. I kind of like the effect, but it would annoy the crap out of me if I was trying to write very precisely.

without cap
with cap

It’s a very standard pen size. Feels pretty much like using a felt tip pen. I think it would make a killer redlining pen or homework correction pen. Buy it for all the editors and teachers you know.


The Good

  • Cheap
  • really unique design
  • lovely felt-tip style writing experience

The Bad

  • I just can’t consider it a fountain pen.
  • splatters ink slightly
  • disposable, non-refillable

Overall Grade: Well, as a Fountain Pen I’d say on an A-F scale it’s a Potato. On a scale of A-F for felt pens, it’s an A. It’s just not what I think of for fountain pens, even disposable ones.