Fountain Pen Friday: Ohto F-Lapa

I really liked the tiny Ohto Rook so I decided to give the larger Ohto F-Lapa (Jet Pens) a try.



The pen is designed to look like a fancy pen as seen in every yuppie lawyer movie ever. It does look very nice and is extremely shiny (as you can see in my crappy pictures). However, as soon as you pick up the pen you can tell it is not the expensive sort of pen it resembles. It FEELS like a cheaper pen. Not necessarily in a super bad way, but if you’re trying to look like a big shot, don’t let anyone hold it.



The pen has a black plastic grip that is eerily comfortable. Seriously, I was not expecting it to feel as nice in my hand as it does. It’s the sort of material that seems to hold a little of your body heat so it feels nicer against the skin than the metal parts of the pen. Now, that might be me since I do have something like arthritis in my fingers, but it’s a nice touch.



The pen is surprisingly light. Even though it is a little bigger than some of the pens I prefer, it is very comfortable for me to use weight wise, and it isn’t uncomfortably big even with the cap posted on the back.



The black plastic does not fit flush against the metal part before the nib, which is good because it keeps your finger on the plastic, but there is a bit of an edge there that, while it doesn’t dig into my finger, I think would get annoying if I was writing at length with this pen.



The Good

  • Looks expensive
  • light
  • very nice plastic grip
  • standard cartridge

The Bad

  • does not feel expensive
  • may hurt fingertip with extensive use
  • gets fingerprints

Overall grade: B

I kinda like it. I’m looking forward to using it more, so clearly I don’t hate it. I may take this to work to use as it looks impressive even if it doesn’t hold up to hands-on scrutiny.