Fountain Pen Friday: Ohto Tasche

I stopped off at Uwajimaya in Seattle’s International District on my way back to Portland and decided to check out the gift store cause I thought they might have some fountain pens… and holy cow, did they. I got several and I’m sure I’ll be going back again in the future.



Today’s pen is the Ohto Tasche (Jet Pens, Amazon). It’s somewhat similar to the Ohto Rook in size, but I like this one better. I’m not really a pink kind of girl, but I really adore this pinkish silver color and did in fact choose it out of the available colors.


When you post the cap on the back it becomes very pencil-like in size though heavier in weight. (iPod Nano for scale)



On the back of the pen is a little rubber gasket so the cap slides on smoothly and holds firm, not wiggling at all on the back of the pen as you write. I’m wondering if micro movements in the cap while I’m writing is why I prefer to use most pens un-posted. This is probably the first fountain pen I prefer to use with the cap attached on the back. The design is so… smart. It really works.



The pen alone is REALLY small. It’s small even in MY tiny hand.



I think it also helps that the cap isn’t drastically wider or heavier than the pen. It feels like a single unit when it’s put together in this configuration.



I’m quite liking this pen. It’s very sturdy but thin and nicely balanced without being too heavy.

The Good

  • Really nice cap design both closing the pen and posted.
  • Very thin
  • nicely balanced with or without cap
  • very sturdy
  • standard cartridge

The Bad

  • going to be hard to find a converter to fit, this like the Rook is probably a cartridge only and I don’t think it would work for an eyedropper conversion

Overall grade: A

I decided to try this out first out of my new pens and I’m quite liking it. I’ve even managed to drop this pen on my driveway already and it didn’t even get a scratch. This is a really good travel pen and the way the cap is designed plus being cartridge only makes me think this is a pen that is very very unlikely to leak and a good choice for every-day carry.