Fountain Pen Friday: Manuscript Trio

On my recent trip to Seattle I stopped at the Art Supplies area of the University of Washington Bookstore, which is one of my favorite places to shop for fountain pens, ink, and notebooks. One of the ones I picked up was the Manuscript Trio Italic Pen.



I love this horrible black and white floral print. My mother owns luggage with this kind of pattern and my brother has dubbed it “The Ugglage.” It NEVER gets lost. It is impossible to miss.



If you’re a fan of the Lamy triangle grip, you’re going to love this pen. It has a very nice italic nib that isn’t anything special but it writes a really nice line that’s not too wide for everyday writing but would probably look pretty amazing if you had some sort of calligraphy ability.


I do not hate this pen. I actually really like it, there’s just something about the width of this pen at its widest that makes my hand fatigue really fast so it’s not going to be something I can use for a long time or frequently.



The Good

  • Unique pattern in amazing print
  • standard cartridge/converter
  • nice italic nib that’s not too big for everyday use
  • plastic body

The Bad

  • triangle grip
  • very wide pen at its widest

Overall Grade: B but a C for me. I really like how it writes, but it’s just too fatiguing for my tiny hands to use for long periods of time or too frequently.