Fountain Pen Friday: Ohto Poche




This week’s pen is the Ohto Poche (Jet Pens, Amazon), another one of my Uwajimaya purchases. It comes in a couple different engraved designs (I debated between this wiggly line zebra and the diamond pattern) all of which are pretty snazzy looking.

This weeks random item for scale is a Zesty Sauce cup from BK




This is one of the few pens I prefer to use with the cap posted on the back, it’s just very short and rubs on my hand weird if I don’t… plus it keeps me from having to figure out where I set down the cap. However, when you close the pen it is very small.


it also has this really nice jewel adornment on the cap. Normally I hate this kind of thing, but on this pen it works.


See! TIny!







It is unfortunately so small that it is cartridge only, but for travel that’s not really a problem. I meant to do a normal writing test, but I took it on vacation with me and wrote it dry before I remembered that I needed to do it, so for this week only you actually get a page of WIP.


The Good

  • snazzy looking
  • thin
  • very light
  • uses standard cartridges
  • nice travel pen
  • actually comfortable to use posted even for my tiny hands and arthritic fingers

The Bad

  • can’t use a converter
  • not comfortable to use unposted

Overall grade: A