Pelikan Pelikano School Fountain Pen F (right handed)





This is the first pen that’s really surprised me. I’ve put off buying this one for a long time because I didn’t have high hopes. The fact that it comes in left and right handed just seemed weird to me.



It comes with an extra long standard cartridge and has an all plastic body.



The cap is a little funny. I’m not fond of using it posted, but its odd design does keep it from rolling around and disappearing.


The cap has the Pelikan Pelican on the end.





So here’s where the handed part figures in. The grip is a softish rubbery thing that’s specially handed so that your pointer finger side has ridges for extra control.



The ridges DO give a lot more control the point where I don’t grip this pen as hard because I don’t have to. It doesn’t slip because the rubber has good traction and the ridges really help.




The rubber grip wraps under the pen so where it rests on the inside of your middle finger is a lot more comfortable than on many pens, it doesn’t feel heavy and I don’t find myself indenting my middle finger with the pen while using this one.



My handwriting is especially bad this week. It isn’t the finest nib but it works great in my writing notebook.

The Good

  • awesome grip
  • light
  • sturdy. This pen is made for students.
  • comes in right and left handed versions
  • standard cartridge/converter
  • can use an extra long cartridge

The Bad

  • not the most attractive pen
  • cap is a weird design

Overall grade: A