No Twitter – Day 1


I have decided the best way to describe how I feel as: Like a squirrel who has gone cold turkey on cocaine. I’m just sort of twitching and screaming “WHY AREN’T THE NUTS HELPING?!”

I really thought my focus and concentration would come back immediately… and HA HA HA yeah, no. It’s like returning to a physical activity after a long illness. I’m discovering that those “muscles” are flabby, out of shape, and resistant to change. On the plus side, that means that I really NEED to be doing this… but argh.

Anyway, since I’m not on Twitter, I figure I should blog more and put any neato links I find here to share with all of you, cause that’s what we used to do with blogs, right? I think so… it seems so long ago.

Science: I’m trying to wrap my brain around this Quantum Entanglement thing. I mean the idea is REALLY cool, and I totally get what scientists think they’ve found… I’m just trying to figure out how they are totally certain that they’ve split the particle and not just directed it one way or another and what they think they’re seeing as a split particle isn’t a particular kind of echo caused by the “splitting”. Now I understand from people smarter than me that the behavior in the particles changes rather than just traveling one direction or another.. but I still don’t have my brain wrapped around it yet. I think physics is really neat but it really isn’t one of my strengths. I mean my pool game is weak even before we get to quantum aspects of it.

Medicine: Ok this is really cool. Scientists took a 9th Century eye salve recipe involving leeks, onions, garlic, and cow bile and then left it to ferment (per original instructions) and then tested it on bacteria thinking “oh hey yeah it might do something” and damned if it doesn’t kill MRSA!

April Fool’s Jokes Worth Looking At:

Coping Mechanism of the day:

Noise Machines using a mix of Binaural Beats, Singing Bowls, and Tibetan Spirit

Have a great day!