So Far So Good

So I peeked at Twitter… and decided I could deal with it later. That’s a positive sign. I hope I can keep it that way.

Calories As Important as Nutrients (involving SNAP benefits challenge) – I’m glad someone is pointing this out. High calorie food was massively important to me when I was living on a very low budget (and now I wonder why I didn’t apply for food assistance cause I could have used it) because I not only worked an on-my-feet job, but I spent my days off doing manual labor to get extra money or pay my rent (I had a labor for rent agreement with my landlord at the time). I needed a lot more calories than I do in my current life and I was also more bone-weary tired than I am these days. I have many choice words for people who judge what people on food assistance eat.

Chin Science 

Female chimps use tools for hunting more than males. 

I never find anything this interesting fixing my toilet (I don’t think he ever got his toilet either)

The US’s 1960s era plans for invading Cuba – O_O …it’s like every conspiracy theory ever.

Dark Matter Being… Not-Dark 

This is worth a watch all the way through

3d movie rewires man’s brain to see 3 dimensions – This is really neat

Cause you need a cat video.