So much for seeing how long I could blog every day without skipping one. Oh well. It’s not the end of the world. I just didn’t have a lot to say. I must find my own balance in all things including balance.

My friend Nicole and I went out for lunch and thrift store shopping today. As always we looked a lot more than we bought. It is always nice to get out and spend time just talking about nothing in particular and looking at neat things.

This weekend we’ve got a lot of yard and house stuff planned. My brother Chris is coming down to live with us through summer next weekend, so we’ve got to get his room set up. Plus with the nice weather we’ve been having everything has been growing like gang busters and it’s time to cut things back and get other things in the ground.

Well, on the plus side I have twice as many links for you today:

Modern Horror Tales

How I Work: Warren Ellis

Artificial Leaf and more on Artificial Photosynthesis

Afrofuturistic rapper Sammus (And yes there are video game and astronaut references galore)

250 year old sex toy pulled out of Polish Toilet 

The weirdest thing I found while searching for stuff for work that seems incredibly dirty but isn’t: Cucumber Straighteners 

Raccoon climbs sky crane to take a dump on the machine deck

Way worse than accidentally ending up with an ex-goldfish

Egg Boats (This recipe sounds delicious)

Daniel José Older essay “What’s Like the Craziest Shit You’ve Ever Seen” 

Nautilus Crew gets video of Sperm Whale underwater. 

Winchester Mystery House is going to start having boozy sleepovers

Super neat archaeological excavation in Singapore