Sunday Gardening Hangover


Ow. I ache all over and have a low-grade headache. It’s pretty close to a mild hangover… but I didn’t drink. I’m genuinely not sure how to feel about this. I mean we got A LOT of stuff done outside… but isn’t everything. So I have that “Yeah I hurt cause I got a lot of work done” glow mixed with “But there’s still so much to do” guilt. Stupid brain, why can’t you just be happy about things?

When we moved into this house there were a bunch of things that came with it that were closer to the garbage end of things (though we did in fact require that they took the elk bones out of the creepy back basement room). One of these was a rusted out wheelbarrow that sorta kinda still worked a little. This wheelbarrow does in fact not work at all as it is mostly rusted out, doesn’t have a working wheel, and is missing one wooden handle. It occurred to me the other day that we’d totally wrecked a small tarp moving blackberry vines and I could actually repurpose the torn and ratty tarp as a bottom for this wheelbarrow to turn it into a planter. So that is one of the very last things I did yesterday before I admitted the yard had beaten me yet again.

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