Gardening Lad

We’ve hired a Gardening Lad. He’s a sprightly lad who texts when he has time on the weekends to come do yard work. When the Lad comes to work we also have to work in the yard for the entire time that he’s here. I mean it’s kind of a thing. We’d like to think that we’d work just as hard as if the Lad wasn’t here… but it’s not true. The Lad is young enough to have lots of energy and work hard at the task he is given. We are not. We are the sort of old and out of shape that looks for excuses to sit down and take a rest which stretches into a break. While the Lad is working we push ourselves a little harder than we would.

So I feel like I got my ass kicked. But it was just gardening and it’s all my own fault.

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