Humpday LINKS!

Your Brain On Tidiness (Interesting thing about organized images and knolling and why it can be calming to your brain to view)

Tesla releasing Household Batteries 

Lyrid Meteor Shower peaks tonight

Powdered Insulin in tests to prevent Type 1 Diabetes (basically they are training the body to see insulin as normal and to prevent the mechanism from happening in the first place. THIS IS REALLY COOL and has other possibilities.)

They Found the Missing Bourbon (but they’re going to destroy it??! *cries*)

Kermit Doppelganger Found in Costa Rica (ok seriously the programmers of our universe are just fucking with us now)

Woman goes in for brain tumor surgery, surgeons find fetal twin (Medical Oddity with information for less invasive brain surgery)

Mammoth (and other animal fossils) being excavated in Eastern Washington

The Placebo effect may be a genetic predisposition (I think they just said it is Magic. AKA it really is all in your head but you don’t understand how powerful your head is.)

Dinosaur Eggs found in China

How to archive and/or delete your entire Google Search History 

Why Birds Can sleep on Branches And Not Fall Off (The update is equally fascinating as it says the European Starling doesn’t have this mechanism)

102 year old Harlem Renaissance Dancer sees video of your younger self  (Damn, this is amazing. Her little sly smile reminds me so much of my own Grandma. This 7:29 min video is worth your time.)