I looked for meteors last night but only saw one and then my eyes did that thing where I can’t tell if the stars are blinking on and off occasionally or if my eyes are just playing tricks on me. Plus one of my dogs was growling at something in the dark and the other one was wrapping his leash around my legs. I’d say that 20/hour peak rate was probably about right since I only spent 10-15 min looking.

Tomorrow I take the bus into Portland and then the train up to Seattle where on Sunday I help my 22 year old brother pack up his stuff and drive back down to live with us through the end of summer. He’s got a seasonal tourist job here in town and he fits in quite well in our household. I’m looking forward to his being around, even if he’ll sleep in every morning, work nights, and always want to eat taco truck tacos. The dogs just adore him.

It also happens to be my mother’s birthday on Sunday so we’ll get a chance to celebrate a bit. Anyway, I don’t anticipate that I’ll blog much until Monday afternoon, BUT… I did do a Conversation with Writers with Ryan Macklin last night poking further at his idea of self-obsolescence and my own reactions to it. So look for that tomorrow.

And now, the links:

Obligatory volcanic eruption pictures from Chile

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I will link the HHGTG text adventure every time I see it. Because… I DON’T NEED A REASON.

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