…And it’s Allergy Season again

Hmm. Well, I’m not doing great at this blogging every day thing. I’m thinking that maybe not blogging on the weekends is a reasonable thing, and I was congratulating myself about this decision… when I totally blew off Monday too. Oops.

My lungs are currently quietly rebelling. Normally I can tell when I’m having a problem because my ribs hurt, but that isn’t happening right now. It wasn’t until I couldn’t figure out why I was still sleepy even after caffeine that I finally thought to check my oxygen levels. It’s kind of weird because my asthma is right at the level where I won’t DIE without treatment but when it gets bad I feel kind of dizzy, light-headed and drunk, and go staggering around being unreasonable trying to finish everything I was already doing before I lay down or take a treatment. Low Oxygen Me is not particularly bright. Hoping that a breathing treatment when I go home for lunch clears stuff up for a few days (also it’s supposed to rain for a few days which should, in theory, knock down the pollen in the air).


Aquarid Meteor Shower Peaks May 6

Dinner Tonight: StCG Shrimp Tacos

Man Who Cut Out His Own Appendix – HOLY CRAP. Also, wow I didn’t know appendix removal was compulsory for some Antarctic scientists and suggested for future space explorers.

Thomas Edison Talking Dolls Heard Again – WARNING: CREEPIER THAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE

Satanic Temple fighting Abortion Waiting Requirements through Freedom of Religion – I wish I had a bit more blood oxygen and could put a cohesive explanation here about why the Satanic Church/Temple don’t actually have anything to do with Satan/The Devil, but you could just use the internet to look it up. Needless to say this is a very good thing and hopefully gets due attention of how religion is being used.

Sara Dessen talks about dating an older guy (20 when she was 15) – Wow, this sounds really familiar (and yet different in many . I bet it does to others too.  This might give you some good points to bring up with the girls in your own life that are close to hitting this point in their life.

Good Advice from Chuck Wendig in which he gives you a story outline anyone can use

Hidden maps in naturalist drawings – Ooooo

Most Interesting Debate In Your Field – one of those few places it is a good idea and interesting to read the comments