Happy Wednesday


Guess what everyone? WE ALL SURVIVED MONDAY AND TUESDAY!!! *Throws Confetti*

What? Sometimes you have to make your own celebrations. The world is often a scary, confusing place and it helps to remind ourselves about the wonder and triumphs along the way.


Science of Human Decomposition

Astronauts heading to Mars risk brain damage – Cosmic Radiation is No Joke. We need better ship shielding stat.

Empathy Cards for Cancer Patients (and others) – OMG These cards are SORELY needed. And here’s where you can buy them.

Need to Identify a historic glass bottle? – This site will help you when you find historic trash buried in your yard!

Sci-Fi writers make 10 year predictions 

Update on NASA propulsion drive thing – Awwww other people are even more skeptical about stuff than I was.

Solar Flare! (insert lensflare here)

Self-driving Semi hits road – Now, maybe it’s just me, but I think I’d rather we had human-driven trucks that self-driving cars would caravan behind using it as an additional guide to in-road sensors and just enforced current trucking regulations. I mean, I think professional drivers are a better fail safe human system than your average driver if we’re going to have lots of self-driving cars (which I am ALL for). It just seems weird to have the trucks go driverless first. It makes lots of sense to me for driverless cars to use all of the semi-trucks already on the road as an additional sensor resource though.

Long-shuttered Hospital seems to have told mothers in the 1950-70s their babies died then sold them – O_O Not fiction. Should be fiction. This is horrific.

Bank sends ATM to you – The future is lazy and still doesn’t have flying cars but we can now order an ATM. (or I imagine park an ATM in nightclub areas on busy nights). But I dig that it is basically the mobile bank goblins have in WoW. Now for my rocket boots!

Police divers searching for bodies find prank underwater tea party –  I would assume this was the best outcome the police divers could have possibly hoped for… and now they can only be disappointed in the future.

Cache of Mark Twain’s newspaper stories found – and I’m sure he didn’t really want us all to read his early work 😀

If you saw the assisted suicide robot bear article…it’s now on Snopes. – Though really the button suggesting you sign up for the Richard Dawkin’s Swimsuit Calendar at the bottom of the page should have been a clue.

CA Attorney General Kamala Harris’ aide busted over ‘3,000-year-old’ Knights Templar police force – This is amazing.

DIY Self-sufficient floating island – Ooooooo neat

Littoral Spaces – New Warren Ellis article comparing shorelines and creative endeavors.